Ideas & Designs for Crochet Shawls


A shawl is an additional accessory that is carried on dress for some dual purposes like it also adds much to your fashion appearance and on the other hand this is also carried to prevent from getting cold. So famously the shawls are known to be made out of the wool, but we also see shawls that are crocheted. And the good thing is that these crocheted shawls look very awesome and they could be carried with a variety of dresses. The shawls that I have gathered here are pretty tricky in pattern and matchless in appearance.


This very first one is relatively larger one and as far as the color range is concerned, we see some uncommon and unusual colors are used in here. Deep red along with light purple and light blue, and in the end there is a frilly tail that adds more feminism in it.

Created & Shared by:  Jo Mar Hil

While this one is a reasonably sized crocheted shawl. All the colors used here are very phenomenal. Seems like they are picked from the granny’s basket as they represent more of a traditional touch. The stitch pattern seems a bit tricky and also the design is simply awesome.

Just finished Virus Shawl, this is my first time to crochet this pattern, very beautiful pattern.  Kay Tse

While talking about all other, I guess this one is one of my most favorite crocheted stuff that I have ever witnessed. Just look at the stream of colors where style and attitude simply overflows. This is undoubtedly a damn hard and tough stitch pattern but you just don’t need to get worried, the entire detail is given in the article right below.

A new version of the shawl “arcades” in pure wool adriafil from the shop of Mary Larrouturou for knitted south!  Tricotcolor

I remember in last Oscar awards ceremony a very well renowned Hollywood celebrity that certainly I would refrain from naming was wearing a shawl very similar to this one. This single shaded shawl has got a tremendous design and stitch pattern. Come and steal the colors of fashion world.

Some of you may remember I posted a while ago asking for shawl suggestions for a wedding. As promised, here is a photo of my finished shawl! I made it in black sparkle dk from Dealz (poundland in the uk) and it was my first attempt at a virus shawl! I had so many lovely comments and a great day!  Niamh O’Brien


Virus Shaw I did with the bumbleberry  Jeffrey Wright


Finished my cousins shawl, and it will get to her for her favorite holiday.. Halloween  Nicole Marie Conry


Finished this last week, its to add to my stock for upcoming craft fairs. It was a free pattern from Jinty Lyons on ravelry, Granny square meets virus shawl. Lovely pattern to use. Yarn is Primadonna from Ice yarns.  Eileen Butler


Created & Shared by:  Nikolett Corley


Dusty Rose shawl – done!
I will wash and stretch it, and take closer and better photos tomorrow.
Do you like it?  Nikolett Corley


Virus Shawl that I recently completed using Ice Yarn Alabama. Have to say that I am in love with this yarn and just ordered some more during the sale in other colourways. This yarn is beyond soft and a dream to stitch with !!!  Amy West


I just finished my virus wrap/shawl for my daughter, well the virus pattern part of it, and I was wondering how to edge it? Any suggestions would be great please! It is a little big but she won’t use it until next winter so I allowed for her to grow! Thank you in advance xx  Chantele Hoey


Crochet ruffle shawl / cape
RS-2000for adults /-
RS-1200 for girls /-  Ar Tharini Natarajan