40+ Crochet Blanket Inspirations


Last week I had presented a number of crocheted blankets and was expecting a very warm response from your side, but many among you have already made complaint that there were some of the most difficult patterns that really made you scared. Well, as promised, I have to take care of all of your concerns as promised. So just don’t be angry, I have brought you some of the finest crochet blanket pattern right here for now where not only the inspirations are given but you would be provided with the detailed demonstration of the projects as well.


Let me begin with this wavy curvy crocheted blanket that has got some of the finest thread shades that are literally escalating the charm and charisma of this knitted stuff. This could perfectly be used for multiple purposes at the same time. Some darker shades are neutralized as well by mixing some of the lighter shades.

Created & Shared by:  Tina Hill

Well, as you can see that this one is meant to be used as baby shower gift and the crafter also had intent to match in with the bedding as well. So certainly the color selection is made pretty accordingly and the thread shades that would match.

Made as a baby shower gift to match the bedding..  Jennifer Meyer

Now this is something more casual and made out of some of the most casual thread shades. There could be one negative aspect that it would become dusty very soon but make sure to use it in cleanliness. Otherwise the small knitted caricatures throughout are really going to fascinate you and the kids as well.

I just finished my new blanket ??????sea style? love it ??  Aline R. Haddad

So, here you can notice the larger squares expanding, and all the different thread shades are mixed and applied very sensibly. This certainly needed lot of expertise but don’t worry, you are being given the whole plan straight away, so just prepare your tools and supplies and just get started.

I think I’m calling this finished since it’s just for myself. It worked out to be 52″x48″. I wouldn’t mind adding another 8-10″ to the 52″ edge where the mini squares are but it fits my shortness as is.  Joey Ortez


These are the “Snow Fun” blankets I’ve completed! I used the snowman square and snowflake square patterns from the Repeat Crafter Me blog, and the “continuous flat braid join” to join all the squares together.  Shawn Barton Bergeron


4 months…a gazillion stitches and many late nights but it’s finally finished.  Helen Umair


Just finished this virus blanket. Love this pattern so much. I’m donating this to our local VFW Ladies Auxiliary to be raffled off.  Donna Nau


agan teiega oma viimast tekikest. Veel täisti ahjuoe ?
Mõõdud 74*74cm. Lõngaks Drops Baby Merino. Voodriks valge flanell.
I share with you my last blanket. Another Full-on ah drink e ?
Size 74*74 cm. Yarn for dr ops baby merino. For Lining White Flannel.  Annela Põldveer


Made this granny square blanket for my Beautiful Mum’s 84th birthday.  Lorraine Kay


My first crocodile stitch blanket, given as a gift to work colleague new baby boy!  Maria Lopez




Rainbow Sprinkles Virus Blanket – Source


My first throw blanket! Source


Happy with how this has turned out  Nicky Pezzolato


The blanket I made for a sweet young lady who I used to teach in our youth group and is now expecting her first little one. She has no idea how close I came to keeping this one for myself 😉  Kristan Myers Kahler


Finally finished my stripe blanket!! Has took me ages and it’s finally done woohoo.  Laura Reader


I started my virus pattern blanket, I wasn’t sure about the colours but as I’ve gotten further I quite like them together now 🙂 however I kind of under estimated how much yarn I needed, oops, guess I need to go buy some extra, and probably a whole lot of extra I don’t need too ?  Chantele Hoey


My first granny squares and first blanket! I’m very happy with how this turned out 🙂  Bobbie Jo Tripp Guyette


Created & Shared by:  Silvana Augusto


Created & Shared by:  Cristie York Dunlap


Blankets I made for my newest little cousins in California!  Charlann Shepherd


My first mermaid blanket….  Tatiana Amadon


Just finished my first to mermaids tail blanket for my friends grandchildren what do you Think x  Pauline Carne


Adult Sized Rainbow Blanket
FOR SALE Size Approx 48x44inches  € 40  Hooked and Handmade


Finally completed this blanket yesterday. Started it in July, think it’s going to be a while until I make a ripple blanket again. v Peggy Taylor


My daughter Penny made this with no pattern.  Carolin Mackaway


Feeling just a little excited!? 3 months ago I was clueless, but thanks to the Bella Coco tutorials this is the result of my very first crochet product. I’m still yet to do the border, but I’m so excited I wanted to share now. ❤️  Reggie Rover


Baby blanket completed just now…  Aluri Falguni


Finished christening blanket ??  Shannon Bisconti North


Just finished crocheting this. I like it but it’s a bit wonky in places. Can I block this? It’s made with Bernat Blanket yarn – would I just wet block it? Let me know your experience. Thanks !  Lindsey Mund


Finishing this today hopefully! ☺️ (all Stylecraft shades)  Louise Kay Sheard


Baby Rainbow Granny Square Blanket
Size 33 Inches Square
€20  Hooked and Handmade


Finished my Pastel Rainbow Beautiful Shell Blanket
** Free pattern on Ravelry and video on YouTube ?❤️
My 6 year old just modelling for size reference this is my biggest project ever ?  Jacqueline Green


Created & Shared by:  Marilene Morgana


Aran throw – Source


Started this about 40 years ago and finally finished it this year. Been in and out if lofts on several moves. Last time in the loft for 22 years now it will keep me warm in the winter when watching TV. First thing I ever crocheted no pattern and a friend showed me and just went round and round until I thought it was big enough. Any wool I got my hands on as well lol. My daughter Denise Yallop got me back into crochet and have started a virus shawl and glass covers. Have also made some square coasters. X  Sue Marie Thomas


Hoth finally finished my autumn/winter coloured throw/blanket I was having difficulty a few weeks ago free pattern in comments for anyone wanting to make it.  Claire Uzum


My first crocheted baby blanket made from cotton yarn.  Bev Watkins


Rainbow waffle stitch stroller blanket for a friend. 3 Caron Cakes in rainbow sprinkle. Just finished tonight!  Glenn Ann Geiler


HOTH finally finished my first c2c. Started this one on our vacation to Yellowstone Park which is why I named it “Colors of Yellowstone” as I chose the colors I saw in Yellowstone!  Jamie Sulivan


A baby blankie I made for a co-worker’s granddaughter!  TamicaMadame Acklin


Finished this rainbow baby blanket this morning.  Trina Wolfgang


My first 2 projects just over a year ago. Not bad for a left hander doing it the right handed way!  Paula Hamilton


A baby blanket I recently made.  Mary Flemming


Finally finished my “Irish Lace Blanket” by Patons for our queen bed!!!!!  Catherine Maltese Buell