Crocheted Baby Dress


I guess you ladies would have tried some patterns given on this website because all of them were elaborated in a very detailed manner. Since you would have tried them and enhanced your crocheting skills and now you would certainly be in a position to atleast try out this cute crocheted baby dress at your own. We have got here a very nicely knitted crochet baby frock that you are going to love. Once we have become good in crocheting the things then there is a whole wide horizon in front of us where we can work on a variety of projects.


This is a very cute sleeveless frock especially made for the baby girls, it has got a very ravishing and beautiful crochet thread shade that makes it a real commodity that all would love to have. Plus a lot of work is also done on the embellishment of this single shaded frock that has really helped improve its look further.

Before we go into the details of the crochet and the stitch pattern let’s talk a bit about the frontal embellishment work where we see a couple of slim petal flowers on the top right front of the frock. And also on the sleeve ends the border line is drawn with the same contrasting bright white shade that has really escalated the beauty of this cute accessory.

While right in the middle of the frock we see a very beautiful market oriented cotton lace that is especially created for such crocheted articles, and along with that we see a very nice thin silken strip passing through the entire west. In the upper part of the frock we see mostly single stitch pattern is used throughout, while in the lower part we see round double stitch pattern, so overall an easy and handy crochet project.

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