Warm Your Body with Crocheted Poncho


Some people think that wearing the sweater to stay warm ruins their fashion sense, but they can’t help themselves because staying warm is necessary to stay healthy. Those with the unique fashion sense can go for a crocheted poncho, which can be crocheted with multiple colored yarns and they works well in keeping the person away from the cold wind by covering half of the body. The great thing about crocheting poncho is that a person can create it according to the dress color with which she wants to wear it.


Crocheted poncho is not only for the kids, it is also for the adults and a person can make it in any size. The green colored dinosaur style poncho is looking good on the kid and the person can create any cartoon crocheted poncho, it is good to use the skill to impress others.

Crocheted & Shared by:  Maritza Tejidos

If anyone has a baby girl, then the crochet poncho color shown is perfect because pink is the baby girl’s color and its combination with the white gives a sophisticated look. It can be crocheted for an adult, but it looks nice on the teenagers.

Poncho for my girl .. First attempt & I am quiet pleased.  Ayesha Khan

Here comes the combination of purple, blue and off white color which is looking fabulous. There are many ideas and patterns with which the poncho can be crocheted and the time required for creating it is not much, a person can invest time in creating this stylish poncho.

Crocheted & Shared by:  Chris Clark

Crocheting poncho is something with which a person can spend her time enjoying her skill; those who know how to use the yarns should never ignore to use their skills to inspire others. There are many poncho styles available in the market, but the one which a person makes with her own hands is praiseworthy.

Bonjour , fait avec des restes de pelotes …..une par ci et 2 autres par là …. et voilà  Chris Clark


poncho for 6-8 year old girl.  Srini Crafts by Manjula Kolipaka


I made this poncho for a good friend..and now have order requests…I did not expect that.  Darlene LiveLovelaugh


Hot off the needles took 3 days will do one in white.  Vanessa Williams


My latest project. Finally something I made for myself. It’s WAY too big for poor Lulu (my mannequin), but on me it’s about a 3/4 sleeve.  Gabriele Lloyd


My daughter wanted a poncho but couldn’t find one that she really liked. So I made her one. I would say by her smile that she likes it!  Cat Woodside Vaughan


Crocheted & Shared by:  Ruth Fortescue


Made my first ever piece of clothing. A poncho for my mum.  Ruby Ann Mills


My finished poncho so happy with how it turned out.  Jessica Pollick


Just finish up my last little girl Poncho for friends daughter.  Patricia Lynn Ryan


Crocheted & Shared by:  Patricia Aravena Romero