Cute Designs of Crochet Bags


I am pretty sure that all the adorable ladies are just going to be so damn happy when they would see this article that is going to present some cute designs of crochet bags. Isn’t this exciting girls? I know all of you are going to adore it so intense because the stylish handbags are one of the most important accessories that are so vital in your total make over. And these crochet made bags are going to be so stylish and nice that all among you who know knitting are absolutely going to try atlest one or two out of them.


This is a very beautifully knitted or crocheted bag, but this is actually a cover that is wrapped around a synthetic hand bag that was probably bought from the market. We have wrapped it inside the crocheted cover that is made in such a fascinating pattern that it has over shadowed the beauty of the actual bag that is inside the knitted stuff. We just bothered to use the matching thread and along with that we have also used these wooden beads and pearls that have escalated the beauty of this accessory in real sense.

Wow, this one is so hot I would say. Some very shocking and burning shades are employed here, the black thread is used as the base thread on which all other shades look very prominent. The design of the bag is most advanced and stylish seems to be inspired from some branded bag. The inner structure is made with a silken smooth fabric. And we have attached this reclaimed tag that was taken from an old bag, just to give it a more stylish and executive look. This bucket like hand bag would be even better when going out for shopping.

Again this one is apparently a crocheted hand bag made using some of the reclaimed material that was obtained from an old hand bag. The upper wooden frame and the handle as well, are reclaimed, while the rest of the body of the handbag is crocheted with a relatively dull shade. We have applied double reverse stitch pattern throughout the project and one more thing that is so damn prominent, they are the dark shaded beads that we frequently use in crocheted projects. Now this is a perfect substitute of a branded bag, infact far better than that as it has got your preferred color scheme.

Okay, now this is something excessively big I guess. Seems like this would be real ideal when going to take the grocery for house hold. Just kidding, pardon me for that. I mean such huge hand bags have always been into the fashion. This time we have tried it with the crochet and that is obviously something different and unusual. This time you have to figure out that exactly which stitch pattern is applied as this is totally different from the rest of the hand bags that we have seen so far.

This is awesome. And infact initially this would be a bit harder to believe for many of the crochet crafters out there that this smart beauty is made entirely with the crochet thread and knitting. This is so trendy and cool that girls would be immediately ready to buy it I displayed in the market no matter what the price tag says. But this would be better to try knitting it at your own as we have provided you the basic inspiration and also the fundamentals of the color scheme, so just hurry up before some other folk tries and copies it before you.

This time we have had decided to remain typical and not to be very experimental. So we have confined to one single shade despite of very open canvas of choice of threads that could be opted along this very famous crochet thread. We mainly focused on the stitch pattern and the design, plus to enhance the decorative element we have used those very common accessories that are very easily available to all of us from the market. These wooden hinges and knobs have rendered this hand bag a more typical look, so this would be an ideal piece for some grown up ladies.

Awwwww… this one is rather cute I would say man. Like it has got the best threads that could be opted to make this kind of crocheted accessory, pure white and red. Infact if we ponder upon the design of the bag, this is entirely made with the pure white thread, the red tie on the front used as the front brooch or motif is actually reclaimed from an old purse. Also the handle is reclaimed from that old hand bag. This finally looks so cute, all the teens are going to love it. Carry it with your jeans or any other casual dress.

Again we have restrained from experimenting with multiple shades in this specific project, and on the other hand to a large extent this was also intentional that we kept it in one single shade, just to render it a more decent and sophisticated look. We see mostly the expensive and branded hand bags follow the same pattern of carrying one single shade. But this time we have spent a bit too much on the leather strips that are bought from the market. Once the bag was all done, we really thought that this unusual expense was really worth it.

This one is simply cute. I guess this would look appropriate for the school going teens, like at the same time they would be carrying something that is also representing their style and class, and meanwhile it has got so much utility and space to offer to the user where she can put inside a lot of accessories in this extra large hand bag. I would urge all the ladies to try these bags in the same color schemes that are presented here, or do the modifications at your own risk.