20 Stunning Crocheted Flowers


We have initiated and dedicated this platform to those ladies who are deeply in love with the knitting projects and they always keep looking everywhere for some new inspirations to work on. There literally comes a time when you have done so much of the crocheting work that you seem like totally blank for some fresh material and color combinations. So in that situation our platform is the best available substitute where you can always find the best of the crochet projects which you can always try. Here we have brought twenty stunning crocheted flowers that are certainly the additional source of embellishment and you can attach them to several other knitted projects.


We have started this project of stunning crocheted flowers with an absolutely stunning knitted flower which has got all its components that make it literally look like the real and the natural one for sure. Like the petals are made with the perfect shade, the attached leaves are given the natural shade, the sepals that are also crocheted with the natural green shade. I guess this would look awesome on some traditional bed spreads, so what is your plan for this specific project?

These flowers seem to be from the autumn season when they have started losing their attractive color and aroma too. That is why we have very appropriately used the different color combinations. Where we have combined the light pink shade along with the white thread to make it look as if it is withering away. Just imagine how natural touch is poured by the mere cunning color scheme and not only this, we have attached the actual withered leaves too. This is something much closer to the actual art and aesthetics. They would look perfect if applied on some dining table sheet or cover.

Here we can say that not only the main part or the flowers are the main source of attraction but we have equally emphasized on the petals or the green leaves of the roses. The middle part is crocheted with the natural black shade and for making the petals we have opted for the pinkish red shade that is a bit rare yet this could be easily found in the market. Plus to enhance the beauty of the roses we have given a very light touch of the tiny beads that are usually used in making artificial jewelry.

Do you see the whole pattern chart or the scheme right below the actual project? Well, even if you are slightly aware of the crochet work still you can easily grasp the main idea out of this demonstration chart that exactly which pattern is followed over here in this knitting project. Which stitch pattern is applied and thread shades are opted for. As far as the structure of the crocheted flower is concerned, this is an ideally perfect embellishment that can also be used separately in isolation like on some gift wrapper. So this must be given a try, it has got the whole plan with it.

I am more than sure that on having a distant look one would absolutely be confused whether these flowers are for real or they are crocheted. We have designed and executed them with such a skilful manner that they look perfectly natural. Look at the fineness and quality of the stitch that is applied in the entire green portion. There are no ugly empty spaces that prove to be a scar in the crochet projects. And the flower structure is so rigid and erect that this can be easily confused with the real ones.

And this is purely the decoration stuff. Like all of these flowers would just look awesome wherever they are applied or attached to. This whole knitted range has got plenty of multiple shades that are all very eye soothing and attractive. None of them is outdated or inappropriate. This would allow you to use them on a variety of the crocheted projects, now this is upto you that how exactly you maximize the exploitation of the color scheme. Simple single stitch is used throughout the whole project. They are ideal for making the bathroom sets that we tried a couple of days earlier.

Here we have brought a huge range of different flowers in one single project. Like all of them are the flowers of different structure, so that implies that obviously different scheme and stitch pattern would have been applied here. I think most of them have got the double stitch round twisted pattern that is applied in complex crochet projects. As far as the color combination is concerned, that is also very impressive. Just imagine if you put on all the flowers on a bed spread, this would make you feel like lying on some bed or roses or flowers.

Not all the people out there like this shocking shade of the red, but despite of all the facts it is one of the important shades of the crochet that applicable in various projects. Like when you are up with making some projects with the lighter base like white or any other light tone, you would always need such a dark and contrasting crochet thread to balance out the color tone. The inner circles of the flowers could look a bit strange as the sea green isn’t an ideal shade for the red roses, yet they amazingly look good.

Wow, this is called a real artist who looks at the things from his own perspective and not the way as the world sees them. These are the tin can hooks or locks that are made of a certain material or the metal. We have used them in making the base of the flower. This metallic ring would obviously give the flower a perfectly intact and erect shape that cannot be simply achieved by mere crochet. We have prepared the flowers in different shades and each one of them looks so nice and real just because of the stuff we have placed inside.

Did anyone of you ever imagine that someday you are going to use a crocheted flower for filling a homemade decorative planter or vase? This is something beyond my comprehension and even your all friends would be like what? Are you kidding me? The flower over here in this planter or vase is made out of crochet? So it is right here, the base vase or the planter is made of the ice cream sticks, we have also used some real green stuff for the foliage, and along with that we have tried this crazy knitted flower that looks simply out of this world.

And once I have unleashed this crazy art idea, now I am not going to stop or look back. I would keep on experimenting with different crocheted colorful flowers being used for the foliage in some artistic jars or vases. And this is going to be a whole new experience. Like here we have got plenty of cut flowers that are all fake, infact all of them are crocheted, and they are filled in a damn artistic jar that is so nice in itself. And the sticks used on the base are also real.

My goodness, I just feel like as if I was lost somewhere so far. Like how on earth I could deny such an awesome idea of home décor that was simply possible with all these crazy art crafts that can easily be made with very ordinary things that are easily available inside our houses. Just look at this heart throbbing vase, this seems like a perfect vintage vase, and the cut flowers used inside are all crocheted ones and best of the color scheme is obviously tried over here. This is a real grabber inside the house.

The shape of these roses tells that these are not the indigenous home grown farm roses but they are some wild roses that are probably blooming in some far remote area. Also focus on the sepal or the green part of the rose, each part of the rose is made so perfectly, you can try this smart knitted project inside smart vase or maybe on some other crocheted project as some supplementary embellishments. We have wrapped the stick of the flower with green tape so that it stays intact and erected or otherwise it could easily get down as the crochet thread isn’t that hard.

If the final project here in the middle seems confusing and fussy to the beginners, we have got a simple way out. We have presented the entire project broken into individual steps as this was started and completed. So you can try it by following the same steps and it would become even easier for you to execute like this. But let me talk a bit about the thread shade that is simply awesome and out of this world literally. This seems more like a star or jellyfish so this could also be referred to some of the kids projects.

Now have a look on these tiny creatures, they are again the same crocheted stuff. I am always of the view that such art projects must always be done as they enhance our capabilities, they add more beauty to our lives, they save us a lot of money and they give us a very special feeling when we eventually have a look on some final project that is done by us. We feel so blessed and proud that we have done something that everybody out there cannot simply do. That is why we are hell bent to keep the art projects alive.

This time we have tried out something different like this time instead of a typical planter or a vase we have tried this wooden bucket that seems so classic looks wise. And the good thing is that all the filling or the foliage is done with these crocheted flowers rather I would say petals. We have almost chosen all the available shades. We have used the single stitch pattern throughout, and in each different flower we have made the middle circle with a contrasting or a different thread shade. This bucket is going to create such a mesmerizing atmosphere in your room interior.

In some of the earlier projects we have used some additional supports that were meant to keep these knitted flowers intact and erect, this time we are going to do the knitting on some common synthetic buttons that are so damn cheap and are very easily available in the market. Each button has got the four built in holes that are going to be consumed for the stitch pattern, the crochet thread would pass through the holes and over them. These would definitely be much harder and natural looking as compared to the simple crocheted flowers.

In this project, not only we have given an inspiration of a multi shaded beautiful crocheted flower but we have also given the demonstration that how and where this beautiful embellishment could be applied. We have tried it on a smart ladies hat, and these exquisitely knitted flowers have rendered a livelier and royal look to this ordinarily crocheted hat. Look carefully at the each aspect of this knitted flower and also count on the color combination that we specifically opted for this project. Despite of all crazy color combinations the final look of the flower is very reasonable rather nice.

Now guess what, you have to concentrate and ponder upon this crochet project very carefully and you have to figure out that how exactly this project is executed and what materials are used in it. Let me add to your surprise, this time only the petals are crocheted while the whole rest of the structure of the plant is reclaimed from an old artificial plant. We added these white floral petals in this reclaimed plant to rejuvenate and to give it a totally new life. These white petals are so damn prominent that they would literally over shadow the rest of your embellishments and decoration pieces inside the room.

In the end we just thought to finish this read on this lightly toned crochet project where we have knitted these jasmine flowers on a plain piece of fabric. Well, this is an ideal crocheted piece that could be used in multiple tasks. We have deliberately kept the crochet work so light, and we maintained a perfect contrast just by maneuvering the color schemes and different thread shades. Each one of these crocheted flower could be used on various projects, you just have to make up your mind.