Crocheted Flower Pillow


As we mentioned in the very beginning of this platform that we are not going to render some typical stuff over here seeing which you would have a feeling that this is just like all other websites on the internet. But we promised you to bring you a whole variety of the various crochet projects that wouldn’t be confined to some clothing accessories. We would explore a whole new horizon of multi pronged projects of knitting where you would find each and every surprising crochet project that is related. Just like this unique crocheted flower pillow, sounds interesting right?


When you are hell bent on making things in your surroundings customized pretty in accordance with your choice and priorities, I guess the knitting is one of the best mediums or tools that could do a great service to you. For instance let’s count on this crocheted flower pillow like here you can apply all the thread shades of your choice and taste.
crochet-pillow-idea crochet-pillow-plan

And especially when you are the one who has solely planned the whole of your room and home interior, then you probably know the best what would suit and where exactly. So this time consider this nicely crocheted flower pillow.
crochet-cushion crocheted-pillow

The thing that would concern most of you ladies is basically the stitch pattern and also the color combination that is pursued for this particular knitting project. So we would be talking a bit about both these factors to keep your guys updated and well aware of the things that we do on this platform.
crochet-pillows crochet-pillow

The skein used here is pretty irregular, like it is a bit thicker than the normal. And on the other hand double round stitch pattern is applied throughout the project. And basically very attractive thread shades are applied here that make a very fascinating final touch.

Created & Shared by: Cristina Luriko