Some people think that they cannot look trendy in the winters because they need to cover their body with two or three layers of clothes to remain warm and it makes them look weird because they don’t think of getting the crocheted sweater. The knitted sweaters with the yarns help in keeping the body warm even if just a sweater is worn over the clothes; there is no need to wrap the body in several layers to keep it away from the cold weather. Those who know the technique of crocheting are lucky because they can crochet any design and style that comes to their mind, here are some adorable design ideas for crochet sweaters/jackets.

Adorable Design Ideas for Crochet Sweaters Jackets

Let us start with the praiseworthy idea for a girl, this is an inspiring crocheting sweater idea with multiple colors that is making it look attractive as well as making the girl look stylish.

crochet sweater 21

Lõpuks sain valmis
Sügisesse rohkem värve
Alustasin juulis ja valmis sai nädal tagasi. Teha sain ainult õhtul/öösel une tundide arvelt ja ka mitte iga päev. Veidi suur
on, aga laps kasvab päris kiirelt.
Plika on väga rahul ja jookeb täna sellega ringi ja on õnnelik ja soe on olla.
Tänud Teile kes olid abiks kui küsisin vahepeal küsimusi  Kaiti Simso

Here is the sweater of dark base and light colored floral pattern, the black colored yarn used for knitting this idea is making the square box shaped flowers look prominent. Any other dark color for the base can be used as well if a person wants to crochet a sweater matching to pants or tights.

crochet sweater 6

Crocheted & Shared by:  Anuska Caraballo Hernandez

Kids look lovely more in light colors as compared to dark colors, so it is good to use light yarn colors to create crocheted sweater for them. You can see that the colors are used one after the other and they are giving an appealing look to the sweater.

crochet sweater 14

Voici mon pull au crochet  Nathalie Nathalie

Now come to an innovative idea, the knitted sweater is of square shape and the buttons are adding grace to the piece. This idea of crocheting sweater is sleeveless, high neck is knitted; so that the cold air cannot enter from the neck area.

crochet sweater 22

Finished the two of them. Enjoyed making them. The pattern is called Aura Pullover,  Ang Palmer

Here is a simple and cute idea, kids especially the girls look sophisticated in white color and the buttons stitched to the unique crocheting sweater idea are making it look attractive as using the button of the sweater color can make it look dull.

crochet sweater 1

Crocheted & Shared by:  Jeanette Murino Stilo

Another idea of crocheting a sweater for your kid in white color, the button here are light in color and this idea is for those who want to dress their baby sober. 2 ideas are shown here, a person can crochet a cap attached to the sweater or can crochet it separately.

crochet sweater 2

Game day sweater 6-8 girls. Then I figured out how to shorten it and Open for sweater look with Hood. I amaze myself. Cream color.  Jeanette Murino Stilo

Kids look adorable in every color they wear, so here is the idea of crocheting sweater in blue color with a little bit of white in it. The cap is crocheted separately, so it can be used when needed and some people think that a sweater with an attached cap can irritate the baby.

crochet sweater 3

My latest sweater for one of my new granddaughters!  Cindy Lisk

In the end, we would love to present the amazing combination of white and purple for sweater crocheting. Here you can see an innovative crocheting idea, a little bit of purple colored yarn is used for the creation of the sweater with a sequence and it is looking really nice. The cap design is adorable as well.

crochet sweater 4

Crocheted & Shared by:  Dyo Sims


crochet sweater 5

Crocheted & Shared by:  Jayamani Sundaresan


crochet sweater 7

Crocheted & Shared by:  Gisella Casteur


crochet sweater 8

Another aran sweater I knit for a little boy I look after I think of him as another grandson. Along with my grand daughter I
taught him how to knit as well.  Bernadette Mason


crochet sweater 9

I just finished this sweater I found in this book called Modular Crochet by Judith Copeland. I used RHSS in charcoal and a size G hook.  Charlotte Jones- McCutchen


crochet sweater 10

Crocheted & Shared by:  Miskell Connie


crochet sweater 11

Crocheted & Shared by:  Tricotcolor


crochet sweater 12

Crocheted & Shared by:  Asmai Sayed


crochet sweater 13

Crocheted & Shared by:  Carmen Burns


crochet sweater 15

Fatto con amore per mia nuora  Ioana Fechete


crochet sweater 16

Knitting is my passion…
I love to knit baby sweaters….
This is my latest creation…..  Jatindar Kaur Bhatia


crochet sweater 17

Crocheted & Shared by:  Nathalie De Bodt


crochet sweater 18

My first crochet jacket. Thanks all for your inspiring works… All the way from Nigeria… I greet you all.  Newton Allen


crochet sweater 19

First attempt at a baby sweater!!! Happy with the results!!!  Connie Taillefer-Doerksen


crochet sweater 20

Terminei esse conjunto de casaquinho com regata pra minha pequena. O que acharam ????  Giane Cristina Boa Morte


crochet sweater 23

jacket is ready for girls/ladies.  Z’s Crochet world for sale