Design Inspirations for Crocheted Rugs


Rugs have always stayed in limelight when it comes to the decoration of the home interior. If we go out there in the market, we are provided with a large range of differently made rugs that range from average to pretty high prices. But trust me none of them is cheap. But how would it sound if we try to crochet a rug? Wouldn’t this be a great idea? Many of our fellow crafters have experimented with it and all of them are satisfied that they have just replaced the old rugs with the crocheted ones.


Black is one of my most favorite colors. but if we are going to use it as a crochet thread especially in the creation of a thread then we have to think about certain things. Like the darker shades might give your place a congested look, but we see the dark shade is very well neutralized.

Shared & Crocheted by:  Aline Santos

This is a round crocheted rug, but this isn’t that simple as we have tried in some of the earlier projects. We have given you all the details that exactly what material is used in the base of these crocheted rugs to make them firm.

After working like crazy the past 24 hours to finish this (I was desperately losing motivation!), I am excited to say I am finished with this piece! It’s two layers thick and about 56 inches in diameter. It’ll be a meditation mat for a dear friend. I hope she likes it. *I wish it wasn’t so gloomy outside because I can’t get enough light to take a good picture*  Sheila Houle

While this star shaped crocheted rug certainly inspired from a start is a great plan for a crocheted rug. We see all the thread shades used in the rug are quite conventional that are normally used in such creations that are meant to counter dust factor directly.

Primeiro tapete da minha mãe .. o que acharam?? Sera que ela consegue vender ? E qual seria o valor a ser cobrado ??  Yara Oliveira


While the final one seems like a simple and handy crochet creation. Only two basic thread shades are involved in the entire crochet project, although you have to be excessively cautious in the matter of stitch pattern as it varies time to time on different layers of the crocheted rug.

Shared & Crocheted by:  Virlane Nascimento


finished cat rug wish i had more yarn to make the body bigger.  Ann Fauver


My First Rug Square, and my first post here, I dropped a little bit at the end lol, I didn’t count the points and was ruffled, but I liked the result as a whole.  Katia Pereira Souza


One more ready I loved this model has pap on Youtube… Carpet Secret.  Marcia Ometto


Shared & Crocheted by:  Luciene Andrade


My Mandala Madness after part 13… it now measures 4 ft across  Elaine Cushing


Encomenda pronta…tapete p/ sala usei barbante numero 08 agulha 3.5mm  Ruti Nunes






I wanted to share what I finished tonight…this whale rug.  Vicky Kirch


Finalmente pronto…agradecendo a Deus por essa inspiração. ..feito com muito amor em cada ponto…esta a venda amigas…algum interesse me chama…vcs gostaram?  Heloisa Helena Sgorlon Jorgetto


My first 2 snuggle rugs for children of domestic violence group in Australia.  Wendy Stamp


Shared & Crocheted by:  Jessyca Hurst